When he was 14 or 15 yrs old, Aldo Dominguez Perez was a young musician, hustling to get jobs playing trumpet or tuba in with bandas in centros botaneros that served seafood. Surrounded by the sights and smells, he developed a taste for fresh, high-end seafood dishes. His mom tells us of a day she’ll never forget. “He arrived home after playing all afternoon, split lips from his trumpet, but with huge platters of seafood from the best restaurant in town.” He had worked so many hours, that he was paid a lot of money. He used that money to bring a huge meal home to his parents. With tears in their eyes, he insisted that they sit and eat these dishes that inspired him to work so hard. 

Aldo travelled around Mexico as a musician, which brought him to Detroit at the age of 19. He has worked as a professional musician and as a contractor / carpenter, but he never stopped loving the seafood on his youth. He experimented with seasonings and recipes to try to duplicate the flavors that he craved from home, dreaming of one day opening his own restaurant where he could serve Nayarit-style seafood.

When Aldo married Yuri, he found not only a wife, but a business partner. Inspired by recipes from his hometown of Tepic, Nayarit, Aldo and Yuri got a food truck & launched El Salpicon – Mariscos Estilo Nayarit in May 2015 with great success. After an awesome summer of selling Mexican beach-style seafood in Southwest Detroit, they were encouraged by their customers to open a brick and mortar restaurant.

They brought on a partner with 15 yrs of restaurant experience to help them open their current location in February 2016. Esteban is the perfect balance of energy & experience, the trio have created a Mexican beach vibe with loud music, Mexican beer cocktails, called micheladas, tostadas de ceviche, and even a beach front with palapas right on Vernor Hwy.

Aldo’s youth is coming full circle with the Salpicón Nightclub. When the lounge next door became available, they immediately realized they could fulfill their complete dream to offer live music events and dancing.  The tuba is shined up and ready to go!

The new space will also be available for private events. The Nightclub is currently under construction and should open by late spring.